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Bikes, Cargo-bikes, eMoped, Drones, Reindeers et. al. The perfect symphony for your diverse fleet is one click away

Manage distances, priorities and limitations for each specific delivery with an automatic allocation of load to the best candidate in your diverse fleet.


Enjoy delivering your parcels where vans will never get you!

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Manage the fleet in an homogenous manner and find the allocation of the load to the best suited carrier based on delivery and transportation means one. You decide the drivers and the time you want to spend on finding the best fit.

Make your diverse fleet play seamlessly at once


Share real time updates on ETA, location and key events to your customers (may it be the recipient or the shipper itself), with direct platform access, emails, SMS, Whatsapp or other relevant communication means (excluding Pigeons, for now)

Keep your customers always in the loop


Leverage real time communication from the Cargoful App for real time dispatch, status update and automatic future job scheduling

Make your drivers aware of the bigger picture

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Join the logistics revolution

Discover and choose the solution that grows and optimize your business

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