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It is written long-haul deliveries, you can read it walk-in-the-park

Losing sleep and patience on delivery preferences, customers’ time-windows, site peculiarities, drivers’ licenses, working hours, break locations, road traffic, truck capabilities, latest news on road closures and the many 

more inputs you have to deal with?

We bring good news: you can stop the fire-fighting. Let Cargoful do the heavy lifting for you.

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Leave our digital brain to process thousands of real-time inputs and preferences to spit out the proposed allocation. Define the preferences and the boundaries, as well as the time you want to allocate to the task. You can process hundred of orders and get your allocation in only few seconds.

Leave the heavy lifting to the machines


Stay solidly seated on the driver’s seat and bring the solution to the next level, controlling seamlessly the optimization parameters and performing simulations via a user-friendly interface to find the perfect configuration.

Focus on where you add value to deliver next-level performances

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Keep track of trip status and ETA, adjusting plan when needed and in real-time. Connect and dispatch orders and last-minute changes to your drivers directly through a connected App, in one-click.

Keep real-time control and update steps in
few clicks

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Find out how Robin works


Join the logistics revolution

Discover and choose the solution that grows and optimize your business

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