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Execute last mile deliveries so well that even Santa will reach out for advice

Prioritize, route and schedule last-mile deliveries, while keeping updated uncle Tim on the latest ETA of his vegan package delivery in the midsts of road closures and those never-working doorbells.

You are a click ahead from your jolly. So streamlined that you will need to set up alarms to make sure you don’t miss the highlights of the day.


Leave the machine process thousands of real time inputs and preferences to spit out the proposed allocation. Define the preferences and the boundaries, as well as the time you want to allocate to the task.

Move from billions of possible scenarios to the right one 
in seconds


Share real-time updates on ETA, location and key events to your customers, with direct platform access, emails, SMS, Whatsapp or other relevant means of communication (excluding pigeons, we are still working on it).

Keep your customers always in the loop


Manage delays, unforeseen events and potential schedule changes keeping all stakeholders posted.

You can even check the feasibility

of a last-second delivery, simulate potential routings and…accept it!

Re-organize your plan dynamically based on the street’s latest ones

Social media posts (12).png

Find out how Robin works


Join the logistics revolution

Discover and choose the solution that grows and optimize your business

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