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Advanced technology,

at the service of humans

At Cargoful, we have crafted the perfect blend of Machine Learning and Operations Research technologies to support your daily decision making.

We are here to make logistics management like a walk in the park.

Different problems require different solutions. Sometime a smart heuristic is enough to get a good answer in seconds, sometimes you need a deep learning model that will train for hours. 

We choose what is best and we serve it to you (ready-made).

AI, when it matters

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Who said driving a F1 has to be difficult?

We have bundled 30 years of optimization research in just few clicks so you can take decisions faster. 

Focus on business, we do the math. 

Complex problems, easy UI

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We have worked with amazing logistics experts and we strongly believe in the seamless collaboration between man and machines. We have build a systems where humans are always in the driving seat.  

You will always have the final say!

Humans in the loop

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Join the logistics revolution

Discover and choose the solution that grows and optimize your business

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