Our vision

At Cargoful, we want to unleash the huge benefits that technology can bring to logistics.

We aim at disrupting inefficient processes to make transportation sustainable for workers and the environment.

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The company

Cargoful is a young company, born in 2020 from the idea of four engineers fond of logistics.

Cargoful has been ideated and developed in London, Boston and in various locations across Italy, from Isernia to Milan, aiming at Europe.



Our mission

We support logistics companies with an easy-to-use and readily available technology to optimise their planning and operations.

We measure our results towards the impact we create for our customers and for the environment.

We bring excellence and innovation to our customers while we keep growing together and look at the future.

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We strongly believe in

We work to bring the most innovative solutions to our customers and to put technology at the service of society.


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We look for challenges that make us grow personally and professionally, and we face them with a forward-looking mindset.



We want to make transportation more sustainable from both a social and environmental perspective.


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We firmly believe that mutual support brings us to better results than the ones we would reach on our own.



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